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The Barocio Group Inc was officially established in 2020 by Silvano Barocio, the CEO and Founder; however, its family, faith, and passion driven legacy really began 5 generations ago. This small family owned and operated real estate business proudly holds fast onto one key foundational value that has been interwoven all throughout its rich family history. Above all, the Barocio Group strives to protect the value of putting people first before anything else. TBG’s vision to provide a first class experience with exclusive partnerships, quality service, 24/7 availability, savvy negotiation techniques, and high-tech marketing all stem from this business’ genuine efforts to first most meet the needs of the people they serve.


The Barocio Group’s roots first begin with Mr. Baroccio, Silvano’s great great grandfather, who was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. To provide for family during the American Revolutionary War, he and his brother delivered ship loads to Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. Unlike his brother, he decided to stay and establish himself in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico to pursue opportunity and make a name for himself and his family, and this redefining moment also involved him changing his last name from Baroccio to Barocio.

JUAN BAROCIO continued in his father’s footsteps and maintained the respect of the people both as a family and business man and quickly became known as Don Juan. Don Juan and his wife Calista Arias bought land in the volcanic mountain range of Jalisco where they founded their own grocery store and pharmacy.


They established these businesses to provide for the people of their town who were isolated by the mountain range and were 7 hours away from the nearest place that could supply them with essential food and medical care. Don Juan also rented out his two ranches to local farmers to manage the crops and cattle that would continue to give back to these local families both through the direct hire of these workers but also through the food produced for the community’s grocery store.

DELFINO BAROCIO, Don Juan’s Son, and his brother understood how crucial their duty was to travel by donkey to the nearest town 7 hours away to purchase medical supplies for the pharmacy. However, Deflino decided it would be even more beneficial to his current and future family of his own to immigrate to the United States to pursue better career opportunities. At the age of 16 years, Delfino traveled alone by foot and bus to the border of Mexico, where eventually people found him near death’s door in palm springs dessert. He eventually settles in Watsonville, CA working as a farmer picking berries to send money back home to his, parents and 9 siblings and to purchase a one way train ticket to the Richmond railroad track. Its there in Richmond, CA at the age of 20 he meets and marries  Silvano’s grandmother Dolores in 1953.

Dolores attests to the courageous, passionate,  adventurous, and  entrepreneurial spirit that she personally witnessed and believed was simply ingrained in Delfino’s family line.


She witnessed the long hours Delfino put into making handmade instruments for the University of Berkeley and also proudly notes that one of Delfino’s camera pieces was incorporated into NASA’s technology that is still in space to this day. She knows he worked hard not only to provide for their 9 children, but also out of the pure thrill and enjoyment it would give him to see the work of his hands open doors to do other things that he loved flying his plane, traveling to locations that provided opportunities, and buying and selling real estate. He invested in, bought, and sold commercial lots, multiple houses, a hotel, and a portion of land where he built and managed apartments. One lot purchased by Delfino that is very near and dear to Dolores is Barocio Court, a court of homes that Delfino was able to have named after them. The Barocio’s to this day still enjoy raising their families in that court.

MITCHELL BAROCIO, Delfino’s son, witnessed and admired his father’s passion for life, for people, and for God. He quickly realized that real estate was one tool that his father successfully used to transform and better the life of his family and others. Mitchell began flipping houses right out of high school in the 1980s and by 2005 he became a licensed real estate agent, helped others buy and sell homes, got his contractors license, and became an investor, fixing and restoring homes into better condition. In 1992 he and his wife Laura also founded a carpet cleaning and water damage restoration company located in Benicia and Vallejo, CA and to this day oversees his own flooring store, Fine Floorz inc, that he established in the heart of the Bay Area, Walnut Creek, CA. Amongst this, for enjoyment he continues to build, including his own 4,000 sqft.


Home in 2003 and today his current home on Barocio Court. As a full-time real estate agent, licensed contractor, investor, and Vice-President of the Barocio Group Inc, he continues to seek out ways to use real estate to improve the lives of his clients and his community home town of Pleasant Hill, CA.

SILVANO BAROCIO, Mitchell’s older son, is a Bay Area, specifically Pleasant Hill, native who currently resides in Martinez, CA with his wife Monica and two sons, toddler Jiovanni, and newborn Noah. Silvano is also the owner of two homes in the bay area, landlord, and CEO, founder, president, and team lead overseeing a group of agents on The Barocio Group Inc. Silvano proudly acknowledges that he has only come as far as he has at the age of 26 because of his family’s legacy of building businesses around valuing people. Silvano inherited his father, great grandfather, and great great grandfather’s entrepreneurial spirit, faith in God, and love for real estate for the doors it could open for his family and the families of others.

Owning land, buying and selling real estate, and restoring communities one house, one family, at a time was a pattern he saw that contributed to the success and advancement of his own family generations. The Barocio Group Inc. is a direct reflection of Silvano’s passion for using real estate solely as a tool to facilitate this same generational success for his own sons and for the future generations of his clients as well.